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It all started in 1975

The Full Story

Steeped in tradition and South Georgia roots, two companies, Broadleaf Trucking and Sexton Farms came together in May of 2023 to join forces for the greater good of their customers and team members. Generational companies of their own, one based in Moultrie, GA one based in Camilla, GA, the culmination was the perfect fit.

Incorporated in 1975, Gerald and Angie Taylor first started Broadleaf Contracting as a seasonal trucking company hauling tobacco from Moultrie, Georgia to North Carolina and Kentucky. In the fall of 1999, Gerald Taylor transformed the company into a full-service trucking firm specializing in the transportation of furniture and other dry goods. In 2014, Gerald and Angie Taylor’s sons, Phillip, and Steadman Taylor, took over the family business and continued to build upon what their family initially started. Broadleaf Trucking has since expanded to serve customers across 48 states, now with more than 115 employees and a fleet that has nearly tripled in size.

It just so happens that in 1975, Wade and Warren Sexton also hauled their first load of chicken for Cagle’s as a one-truck operation. In 1995, when Cagle’s expanded and built a new mega processing plant in Camilla, Georgia, the Sexton Brothers built a trucking terminal at their existing location and set out on a mission to serve every need of that plant. Sexton Farms quickly became an integral part of Cagle’s success and grew into the premier refrigerated transportation company in South Georgia. Now delivering to 25 states, for premier clients such as Tyson Foods, Sexton Farms has become a leading vendor in the refrigerated transportation space.

In a nod to their generational roots, the brand chose to celebrate the merger with a reflection of the Tobacco leaf in the company logo, and of course, the year that started it all, a pivotal year for both companies, 1975. 

With heritage dating back 47 years, 1975 Transportation Group continues to deliver upon the same like-minded goals and family values that helped shape their flagship companies, as they work to deliver excellence in all they do.


Steeped In Tradition

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